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FaucetBOX.com official rotator

The long awaited FaucetBOX.com rotator is here! Now you can access all faucets from FaucetBOX.com faucets list in a fast, clean and secure way.


  1. Faucets are added and removed from Rotator automatically based on their activity on FaucetBOX.com
  2. We use sandboxing that will prevent faucets from opening any popups or popunders (on browsers that support HTML5)
  3. You can choose whether you're in a hurry and want to see only a few best paying faucets or if you want to see all of them
  4. We have Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Peercoin and Primecoin faucets :)
  5. You can disable chosen faucets and create your own personal list of faucets
  6. Sound notification when there's a new faucet ready to be visited
  7. Faucets are shown in order from the best paying to the worst paying

How to use it?

To start, simply choose a currency above and a faucet will be shown to you. When you get a prize, click the Next faucet button on the sidebar.

After you visit all faucets, you'll be able to enable sound notifications. That way you can leave our Rotator open and get notified when there's new faucet ready to be visited.

You can choose a faucet limit on the sidebar. That way the Rotator will only show you a few best paying faucets and won't bother you with others.